For this week we are going to go over gravitational waves and the research by a Nobel prize laureate and their team. Most people might be wondering what exactly are gravitational waves and why should people care. For one gravitational waves are something that we have thirsted for, for a long time and that provide humanity a brand new lens for the examination of the universe and our world inside of the universe. Gravitational waves are ripples in the very fabric of the universe caused by large disturbances in extremely dense objects interaction with each other, namely this is black holes circling each other slowly fusing which due to the near infinite density of blackholes produce unimaginable amounts of energy that can fundamentally shake the universe. Ligo technology is important if we can better understand “waves” and how they move which can improve our ability to send and collect information that is sent through the ether. Landsat is the longest running project for the photography of earth so that we can document it in the most accurate way possible, given that it takes very high quality images it can cause issues of privacy to pop up such as what gives nasa and the usga the right to such photography etc. (Megan Black, 2019)

ligo itself improves observation technology but in the short term i don’t see it being massively impactful, in the long run it could be used to observe other countries large movements.

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