Gravitational Waves and Military Entanglement

Gravitational waves are ripples in between space and time. Anything with mass and energy can create a gravitational wave by bending space creating a gravitational stretch and squeeze. Albert Einstein is largely credited with the prediction and discovery of them, but could not fully detect and find the waves. However, in the late 1900’s with the development of expensive LIGO equipment, it helped advance the ability to detect gravitational waves. By watching for bends of space, LIGO technology uses mirrors and light to measure the waves. As stated in Adrian Cho’s article, so much is still unknown, but that is the exciting part: “It is the prospect of the science that might be done with gravitational waves that really excites physicists”. The government and military could potentially use LIGO in place of satellites as well for navigation and communication. Because of what we have observed with the history of Landsat with government surveillance and globalization there may be some concerns with LIGO. However, I think LIGO’s mission is much different and does not have much unethical complications that Landsat has. It does have the potential to be abused if in the wrong hands though, which should be monitored. Giving the government too much scientific power could be dangerous and damaging to human freedoms. In modern times space is becoming a new territory of discovery which complicates things, however, with the history of the Cold War and exploitation of technology, it should become a norm of safely trying to find a healthy balance between technology and liberty.

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