Government Uses of Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves are ripples in space caused by space objects causing disturbances in space, such as black holes colliding into each other. The existence of these waves were predicted by Albert Einstein, which were proven nearly 100 years later with LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) instruments in Washington and Louisiana. With LIGO, you can easily create communication technology with gravitational waves and radiation (DOD article). This kind of communication technology would be much better and more advanced than current satellite communications, which can be used by the military and civilians. One way to use this tech is for land-based tech like GPS. 

One concern with LIGO is sovereignty for other countries. With the Landsat, a US satellite used for locating resources for the US in the Middle East, the US was able to locate natural resources like oil without permission from the government where the resource is located. This made these governments fully dependent on the US for profit. LIGO can further create sovereignty issues since it’ll be basically an upgrade from the Landsat project, keeping Third World countries further dependent on the US and other major countries to make sure they stay out of debt. LIGO can also be an issue with security on a national and international scale. The technology will be a lot more advanced than any other satellite communication, and it is a bit harder to disrupt communications using gravitational radiation. With that in mind, a government looking to find something and/or someone can with more ease.

One thought on “Government Uses of Gravitational Waves

  1. You have a good explanation about the concerns on LIGO, noting that it has the potential to be a risk to national security. The fact that governments will be able to find people faster and with more ease because of this technology is a scary thing. This is where the endless ethical dilemma comes into play, about whether we want to give up certain liberties and freedom in the name of technology or security.


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