Circle of Science?

When masses accelerate they emit a “gravitational radiation” through what we call “gravitational waves”. Recently, the United States has dedicated more and more resources towards LIGO, the observatory furthering research in this radiation. While LIGO aspires to develop a detector of these waves that is successful, it needs to be capable of use in military purposes. The existing detector arms are already several kilometers long and may require even more material to succeed even the capturing of these waves. They know that as soon as they are successful in this communication they will likely be able to communicate other information, and possibly receive unknown information. This power of possibly replacing such a large and influential infrastructure is groundbreaking. Landslat, another research program funded by American officials and allied corporations, proves to provoke similar concerns within myself, and what I’m assuming would be the greater majority of the American people. While Landslat allowed these researchers to have access to most of the world’s surface image, LIGO is dealing with gravitational waves, a platform that has no boundary like your front door to Google Maps. In Landslat’s case, those in power used this new and exciting tool to their advantage for national, economic, and in most cases selfish gain  “Third World nations, meanwhile, disproportionately lived with the social and environmental consequences of those developments”. Unsurprisingly, these top-guys also failed to consider those who may actually be impacted by the actions they’re making. It wasn’t surprising then and we have to question how surprised we would be if some sort of large and quiet corporation or group of officials were to benefit in ways that no one from the population ever would in the science and possible “industry” of gravitational radiation.

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