Science is the bomb

The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” by the war continuing to develop and advancements that had to keep up with the developments of war. I think there is a general fear of who has the control over science… but the military that is scary (just my opinion). Let’s say there was a research project and we needed funding to help make those discoveries. Now who is in control of money that would fund the universities, especially research universities? The military. Vannevar said “modern war requires the use of the most advanced scientific techniques,” (Bush 431), meaning that war strategies and advancements were being adapted quickly.

Some leaders are worried about scientific research under military control and some are not. Fulbright believed that the effects war would have on the American people would be destructive. He also expressed concern about how the American society focuses so heavily on expanding the American military. Another point of Fulbright’s was how the universities need to focus more on educating their students rather than focusing on the military.

Eisenhower believed that no matter what war was going to be a part of our world. Dwight also expressed that there needs to be balance with the progress. If the balance was meant, then it could lead to destruction within the nation. Goldwater had a very opposing opinion: it was worldwide responsibilities of the USA to keep such a strong relationship between military and industry manufacturing. He asserted that if the military industrial complex would be not taking care of our responsibilities as a nation.

One thought on “Science is the bomb

  1. I agree that there is a general fear of who has control over science and that trusting in the military to adequately use the power of science is scary for the mass populous to do. This is defiantly something that Eisenhower advocated for in his farewell speech when he stated “beware the military-industrial complex.” I like your assertion that he believed that there should be a balance with progress and that sometimes technology is created that man is not necessarily ready to wield.


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