CRISPR technology is gene editing technology. It allows people the ability to cure diseases like Sickle Cell disease and potentially thousands more like Cystic Fibrosis. Aside, it allows people to change characteristics about their offspring. The term Designer Baby comes to mind, and it’s terrifying because it’s such a new technology. People are already trying to experiment on future offspring by changing eye color or what they’ll grow up to be like, but they don’t necessarily understand the full ramifications of that change. See, you’re not just changing one future offspring’s genes, you’re changing its offspring’s, and its offspring’s, and its offspring’s, etc. It goes to the point where you potentially are changing millions of people’s genes. This makes Eugenics look like a beta test. This gives our generation the ability to change what the entirety of the future human race will look like, and that is a lot of power. Some people would and do oppose it, saying at that point, we’re playing God. Others would argue that if we implement it correctly, we could better ourselves as a species. We could produce humans with better immune systems, more efficient bodies that are stronger, faster, need less food, live longer, humans who would be capable of deep space travel, able to withstand harsh environments like Mars, etc. The possibilities are endless, but then it begs the question: after how many cycles of these edits does it not become human anymore? Or do they stay human? Will there be a group of organic humans left? 

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