The Militarization of Science

The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of big science through realizing the power and possibilities of scientific progress. Largely due to wartime, the United States felt the need to make significant advances in military technologies. Military based research was proving not to be enough, so the government outsourced their scientific research to universities and other research labs, providing significant funding for them to fulfill the research goals of military technologies. This led to significant scientific progress that was continued and applied after wartimes passed. This militarization of scientific research had mixed reactions. People such as Vannevar Bush and Barry Goldwater are proponents of the military-industrial complex. Bush takes a more scientific approach in his support of this complex, boasting all of the good things that this revolution in scientific research has provided for the country. Goldwater’s approach is more military and national security based, claiming that this military building ideal the United States has built protects us from due to the power being built. Then there are individuals such as J. William Fulbright, who is against the military-industrial complex. He thinks that there shouldn’t be too much integration of military research into public and private labs and universities. Fulbright believes that there could be consequences to such government funded research because it could create such a military centric country and society. Lastly there is Dwight Eisenhower, who was cautious about the matter. Eisenhower was intrigued by the theory and idea of it with all of the benefits it could provide, but he got caught up in the practice of it due to the potential consequences. I think that some of these people were concerned and others weren’t because of the military and government control of so much scientific research, and their concern or lack thereof was based around trust in the government. 

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