Government Funded Laser Beams

In this reading we looked at the military industrial complex and its relationship with scientific research .   The first question on how the academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” is answered by the following. Academic research in an effort to keep the military ahead of other countries was given research grants by the government and other organizations. These grants were often to research topics that lay the groundwork for practical applications though they themself had no practical application. Then the results of this research is used by the industry to drive research and produce weapons or other things. This leads to big science where universities are paid to do the research and in turn the universities become reliant on these grants. The next thing that we looked at in the reading is why people are or aren’t  worried about scientific research under military control.  The pro scientific research under military control side sites that this has led to America being protected by forein aggressors. That science has become the shield of America and that is safer for us all that some scientific research is under military control. The con side argues that scientific research under military control has led to a situation where  public policy could become subservient to the will of those that do the research. This would lead to a situation where the want for money would drive military research and in turn drive up spending in the military.

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