Toy guns and plastic scalpel

As Goldwater states: What it amounts to is that we have a big military establishment, and we have a big industrial plant which helps to supply that establishment. This apparently constitutes as a “complex”‘ (p.439) The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” through major funding from the government and its flexibility of procedures and ethicalities, both from other countries and its own. Breaches of ethicality from war time with other countries such as Germany and Japan allowed for the United states to gain new insight on medical and technological procedures. Technologies such as the H-bomb and nuclear power plants have taught us about the power humans have on one another, which has influenced social conceptions of agency and control. The military has a lot of grey area, or in other words, a lot of room for error to be made without much repercussions. This grey area, along with enormous amounts of funding produces a perfect environment that allows for the military to produce scientific research without any boundaries. Do to the need of research and the military needs for the most updated and advanced techniques. 

Therefore, I think some leaders are worried about scientific research under military control due to this expansive room for research with not much limitation. This lack of limitation, as well as the push for the best advanced technological information, some countries have more power over others. This push can also be beneficial for the institutions that do have more power, or gain in power due to scientific research. This can both be medicinal, mechanical. The advancement of medicine has saved the pain that many soldiers would have felt without the invention of such remedies as penicillin and advanced surgical methods. Techno-fixes such as guns, machines, bombs, and protection have also helped save lives and win wars. This advancement in science through the military has helped expand the growth of the military’s power throughout the world.

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