Life Finds a Way

CRISPER technology is what we’d commonly call gene editing. Basically we edit or replace strands of DNA or RNA and place them into the gene sequence, hoping to either incite a mutation or fix one. We typically do this via taking or placing strands into varying places in between the repeated DNA strands with in the CRISPER gene family. The numerous applications of this technology is near limitless. It holds the power to do something as simple as improving life or something as complicated as creating life. Today CRISPER gene editing is mostly used to improve our food yield, improve the living of our livestock and our pets, and most commonly fighting against disease. The true power of this technology is honestly exhilarating, but i sincerely believe that we don’t have the respect, and shouldn’t have this power. Time has proven that life is an aggressive force and will aggressively evolve to restore balance. The two main problems I have with this technology is ultimately power and immortality.

Humans over the ages have never had the best track record when it came to power. Without CRISPER tech, we murdered, mamed, and threw people into pain and chaos, all because we wanted the power to feel superior, and because we were scared to understand each other. Eugenics is a prime example of this flawed fear and power combined with the beliefs of society. Today we now posses a power that can completely bring back this entitlement to superiority, all in the cause of eliminating the perceived inferior.

The second issue is immortality. I personally believe that humans are not meant to be immortal. Now our extinction is well and far from now, but science has made it that many of natures natural population control factors are now easily treatable. And with everyday l less things are able to keep our population in check, then we’ll eventually realize that we killed everything on the planet; Or life aggressively evolved, killing us long before our time. Its important that we recognize the balance we need to maintain in order to survive, because life will always find a way.

In class we should really talk about the moral and immoral, immediate, and long lasting effects of CRISPER gene editing in regards to prolonging our life. Is it so bad to die? or Should we always try and beat death? I would like to know your thoughts.

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