Eugenics or Progress?

CRISPR technology is a new achievement of human scientific pursuits, no matter what side of it you stand behind. Through the process of utilizing bacteria Cas9 to cut genetic material out of organisms for further reproduction or implantation, scientists have the ability to change the outward expressions and representation of the combinations of what genes produce. This is in any living organism that had DNA, including human beings. For some, this discovered technology is extremely exciting. The most support lies in the medical field; people strongly support the fact that CRISPR could be utilized to rid the world of diseases transmitted by other organisms like mosquitos, and also by the possibility that CRISPR could help people struggling with genetic ailments like cystic fibrosis. In parallel, most of the pushback against CRISPR also lies in the medical field. Many argue that we should not be able to have the ability to change someone’s life for them, without them even being able to have a say; an example of this lies within the disabled community, who say that this is an outright disregard for their rights and their basic right to life. Personally, I do think CRISPR has the potential to be developed into a market-based commodity because it is essentially the modern face of the eugenics movement. Even though there are many, specifically those fighting disease, that have the best intentions in mind, this is also how the first eugenics movement was started. We have been learning about this phenomenon all semester; when it comes to technology, some use it for good and some take it and twist it to be used for their own selfish or malicious purposes. Whatever the future holds for CRISPR, society must be extremely conscientious of how its use is implemented; more specifically, whether it is implemented economically, politically, or socially.  

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