CRISPR technology is a gene editor and modifier to living things such as food, animals and even embryos. CRISPR technology has a possibility to be very dangerous but also very helpful at the same time. I guess that is always the dangers of science, right? CRISPER takes out a part of the DNA called the CAS9 enzyme and continues to replace it with the modified version. The scary part of the CRISPR technology is the unknown issues it can cause in the future. Another issue it does cause is it creates this idea of a “designer baby” and people start using the DNA editing for incredibly wrong reasons such as designing the perfect athlete or the smartest kid. Also, CRISPR technology does help with the understanding of how cancer tumors work and editing mosquitos to stop their awful spread of viruses. This technology could save a lot of lives but it also could destroy many if misused.

            I do believe that CRISPR technology holds potential to be a second, market-based eugenics. However, I don’t think that it will ever reach its potential of being that. I think the technology itself will save many lives and cure diseases. If there is any ethical breach and social issues that rise that is when the potential of a second, market-based eugenics.

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