Her looks and his brains made a kid with neither

CRISPR technology involves the process of splicing genomes into DNA using a natural process found in bacteria the fight viral infections. CRISPR technology opens the pathway for scientists to add genomes that cancel out certain biological features. Many see CRISPR as an opportunity to eradicate diseases, create new medical procedures, allow for animal to human organ transplant, and many other opportunities. However many scientists also believe that CRISPR could lead to disastrous unintended consequences such as new diseases with no cures and extreme genetic mutations. One aspect of CRISPR that doesn’t get as much attention as the others is the social element of the technology. CRISPR opens a modern door for eugenics by creating genetically “perfect” or “pure” beings. And with a lack of availability it would be very easy for CRISPR technology to become exclusive to wealthy individuals adding a class element to the overall eugenics issue.

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