Snip snip

In this weeks reading we looked at a technology called CRISPR. CRISPR is a gene editing tool that can be used to modify specific portions of DNA. This technology presents both exhilarating and terrifying possibilities.  It is exhilarating because this means that all genetic diseases can be cut out of DNA. It also means the genetically modifying wanted traits into plants and animals is much easier now.  That is all good but it is also terrifying because these genetic edits can have far reaching and permanent consequences for any modified organism.  This is because we don’t fully understand the interactions of all genes in DNA and also because a good trait like making it impossible to carry on disease may make other diseases more prevalent. There is also the terrifying prospect that it makes it much easier to make a super disease in a lab now. I think that   CRISPR may be used in a  market-based eugenics movement. This is because CRISPR has the ability to make a person smarter, faster, and taller than anyone else just by changing a few genes. This would likely lead to a situation where the rich and powerful all have genetically perfect children that would be better at a genetic level then all others. These kids might not all be successful because you also have to be raised right but this would give all those that could afford these treatments an edge. I think that as CRISPR becomes more accepted and used for the curing of genetic diseases that the temptations of perfect kids will become too much. This will lead to parents that only want the best for their kids using CRISPR to make them perfect.  There will also most likely be a country that tries to make super soldiers with CRISPR.

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