Humans can’t seem to handle anything

CRISPR, a tool used for modifying DNA sequences stands for “Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats,” and can play a pivotal role in the immuno-defense of humans and can change the DNA structure on a genetic level to do things like design babies, and eliminate certain diseases from humans. Like any technology, the possibility for abuse and danger is evident, and the process of editing genes could have the potential to cause catastrophic consequences for current and future generations. It is important to take into account the ethical and moral implications of using this technology, especially since humans have proven throughout modern history that they are incapable of managing technological power for solely positive purposes. It has the potential to reshape the world in a positive way, but the question remains whether humans have the capability to handle such technology and use it in a positive way. It absolutely has the potential to turn into a second, market-based eugenics movement because the science will most likely be used to fulfil specific agendas. It’s like nuclear power. Some people would like to just use it for energy, and some want to make it weaponized.

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