Gene Modification

CRISPR is a form of gene editing new to science and technology. It is being used in hopes to both cure disease and other disabling disorders. CRISPR can be exhilarating, as it could be the possible key for ridding humans of disabling diseases, and help save lives. It can be quite fascinating, as it has the power to genetically modify a human being into the “perfect self”. This is also why CRISPR could be terrifying. There is a lot of power in the capabilities of being able to modify genes. Firstly, to be honest the idea is a little creepy when thinking of the power someone could have with this ability. Gene modification or germline modification could lead to the preference of the more physical features, further bring issue to the similar and concerning movement of eugenics. I think that CRISPR could be easily used to frontier a movement like the eugenics movement. The idea presented in both article weighed both the positives and negatives of gene editing, but I think that CRIPR leaves enough grey area that it could either be used for terrible acts or be completely fine. Further, we have looked over many techno fixes, and new invention that were at first (usually) rejected, especially with room for large social error, but then was slowly normalized.

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