Build A Baby Workshop

CRISPR is a technology that allows for the editing of the genes of organisms and for this week we went over a couple articles on CRISPR and Eugenics which allow for a better idea on the topics and some idea of what might happen in the future with them. In an article by John Harris (Harris, 2016) he discusses the pro and con points for gene editing in humans. In the article by Harris he goes over the idea that its for the overall betterment for people as it can remove susceptibility to disease and other genetic defects, he also goes over the argument that gene editing is as good as playing god and is unnatural since we are fundamentally changing natural organisms much in the same way people disagree with GMO. Another problem could be overpopulation issues that arise from making people healthier and have longer lives, as currently we already have population issues and adding more people could cause more problems than we can handle if innovation does not keep up with our increased consumption. One positive could be getting to have people who don’t worry about inherited disease or chronic illness and live longer healthier lives, a problem that could arise would be a new eugenics movement where all children that fail genetic “purity tests” could be killed in the interest of the whole population and could have a return of races of people thinking they are superior to people who don’t get genetic modification creating a cast system.

I would say that Genetic modification is inevitable once we have a unified planet in a couple hundred years purely out of necessity as we branch off from earth purely for the benefit of the whole species.

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