In the course of history we are running the game of efficiency and perfectionism. As we evolve we have improved rapidly and moved towards a more perfect world in the eyes of the different peoples around the world. Eugenics is the study of controlled evolution and gene control measures often broken into two categories as a whole. The two major categories are Positive and Negative eugenics, this was a major scientific player in the 1900’s and the field of evolution. The most recognizable player would be the nazis and their belief that they were the most supreme race, and so they killed millions of the jewish people living in Germany and other occupied nations during the second world war, this eugenics movement was focused on disabilities, race, disorders, etc. In America it was justified by saying we had to remove negative traits by intervening in populations inside of the country for the peoples benefit, this was negative eugenics and was similar to what the Nazis were doing except it was more along the line of sterilizations in large numbers in california in the black community instead of mass execution. (DenHoed, 2016) Positive eugenics was the study of trying to introduce positive traits into a population in sort of the way we do plant genetic manipulation.

I don’t think society and science need to be separated due to eugenics as we don’t wish to have another WW2 where we get some group claiming to be the master race because of a very charismatic leader. 

One thought on “Eugenics

  1. I liked your post quite a bit. However, I do think that eugenics give a reason to separate science and society because of what happened in Germany back in the 30’s and 40’s. They justified their mass genocide of different groups of people by using the science of eugenics, which was an inaccurate application of Darwin’s and Mendel’s work on genes. Also, the science of eugenics didn’t originally come from Germany; it came from the US, who gave inspiration to Goebbels to apply eugenics to different groups of people to determine “racial purity.” Both Germany and the US let their views on people that were not the majority (white) get seriously harmed.


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