Nazi’s are bad- So is Eugenics

Eugenics is “applied biology” stated in the article “THE BIOLOGICAL STATE: NAZI RACIAL HYGIENE, 1933–1939”. In other terms, Eugenics was a movement most well known by the Nazi’s as a way to correct the human race into a more seeable fit. This movement focused specifically on physical characteristics and also “disorders” caused by mental or physical inhibiting factors. Eugenics has been used outside of the Nazi regime, and is primarily a way to socially ostracize another human being due to a personal opinion of that person not fitting in. Medical professionals used specific language and reasoning of evolutionary biology to justify the use of eugenics. Certain medical definitions were used to give people permission to act on eugenics, such as IQ of a person, or that they were not mentally sound. Language used, specifically with the Nazi’s in the article “THE BIOLOGICAL STATE: NAZI RACIAL HYGIENE, 1933–1939,” were words like  “hereditarily healthy” and “persons deemed genetically unfit”. Other such excuses were mental disorders like; “ the nine conditions assumed to be hereditary: feeblemindedness, schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, genetic epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea (a fatal form of dementia), genetic blindness, genetic deafness, severe physical deformity, and chronic alcoholism.” Overall, Eugenics is a horrible way to treat people and is not something that should be used. I think the use of eugenics is an example of how wrong connecting science with society can go, but I do not believe that we should completely separate the two. Science is born from the curiosity of the human mind, and the wonder how things work and evolve. The use of eugenics in history should teach us to follow ethical rules and set boundaries, it is one of the ultimate things not to do, and when researching humans or testing experiments, no harm should ever come to the test subjects. Consent should always be applied when researching as well. 

One thought on “Nazi’s are bad- So is Eugenics

  1. I would agree with your sentiment on how science comes to be with the mind of people and that we need to set boundaries in our infinite pursuit of knowledge. Unfortunately as we learn we also cause harm such as Eugenics and the horrors that were a result of its ideology in America, Germany and the rest of the world. Hopefully in the future we can minimize the effects of harmful research by using our experience from the past in order for us to better adapt in the wake of extreme ideas and ideologies which may come about as a result of our advancement.


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