Everybody is always fighting about something

Eugenics is a set of beliefs that focuses on the improvement of genetic qualities found in certain humans. This is done by arranging reproductive organs in different ways in order to eliminate the so called “undesirable” features. It’s been used historically to eradicate people who were judged to be inferior race. The medical professionals who use the language of evolutionary biology justify eugenics by stating that the process is no different than the way humans evolved to be better than primates, and that humans should continue to strive for greatness and eliminate those who are weaker that bring down the rest. Hitler and the Nazi party practiced eugenics during WWII, because they believed that the pure Arian race was superior to all other races, and that people such as Jews should be destroyed. Eugenics is a great example of how science is separated from society, because even though the science is available and people have the capability to use it, its existence doesn’t cause the process of eugenics to happen, society does. Science does not have an agenda, and only exists to be used in the way people choose to use it. Society and people are the ones who use it to forward their own beliefs and promote their own personal gain.  Nazi’s, liberals, and communists would all use technology differently and eugenics is an example of that.

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