Human persecution of other humans forms through bias, such as Ablesism, Discrimination, and racism. These terms are very familiar to many people, primarily because of the study of our race history. As a species, the human race can be hateful and competitive; in the nicest of words, one of the most significant examples of this hatred can be seen in the very well known historical event, the holocaust. The holocaust persecuted millions of Jews, Serb civilians, persons with disabilities, homosexuals, and many others that differed from the heterosexual Arian demand were persecuted based on how they were born. This persecution boils down to the word eugenics; propaganda spread false information saying that those outside of the Arian race’s ideals were unpure and must be sterilized or killed to purify their population. 

Though the leader behind this discrimination and antisemitism was a very talented speaker, it could not be the only thing to convince the German people to march behind him. Medical professionals and evolutionary biologists were used to backing up his theories far before Hitler took power. “Scientists in the biomedical fields- especially anthropologists, psychiatrists, and geneticists, many of them medically trained experts-played a role in legitimizing these policies and helping to implement them. They had embraced these ideas before Hitler took power in 1933, and they would welcome the regime because of its support of eugenics and its support of their research.” (United)  This use of propaganda promoted eugenics ideals and allowed physicians and scientists of Arian descent to overtake there more successful Jewish competitors, so when Hitler introduced his intentions for the country and maybe the world, it did not take much to convince them(DenHoed) 

We have been discussing science and society a lot this semester; the use of this kind of science, eugenics, and the targeting and killing of other humans to purify a ‘higher’ race is not a science to be practiced. Humans’ individuality makes us such a strong race; the diversity and difference in perspective and background all contribute to more extraordinary things. Today, the use of propaganda to spread anti-semitic, ableist, or racist biases is something we should look at and be smarter then. If history has taught us anything, it is to learn from it; otherwise, we are doomed to repeat it, as George Santayana once stated. 

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