Cleaning the Human Race

Eugenics is a way to regulate and modify the population. In the 50s they took people that were poor, stupid, or sexually active or fertile and sterilized them because they were inferior. They wanted a cleaner healthier race and these people were considered unnecessary and unfit. Hitler used these practices to weaken the Jewish people. Scientists used the work of Mendell and Darwin, out of context to say that people, like plants, could be manipulated to make a better race. Dr Priddy was a true believer and he would sterilize people without their consent. After he got sued by one lady he hired a lawyer to win his case and manipulate decisions in the future.  

Eugenics are a stronger connection between society and science. It was an experiment of sorts and nobody really knows the result. Many people thought that it would improve society more than natural selection.  I think the science split society apart and because it was taking people and sterilizing them against everyone’s will. In the Mexican American culture they tried to bring priests in and all it did was stall the process before it was completed.

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