Nothing New Under the Sun

I think that Homo sapiens has survived due to their ability to adapt to different scenarios. Since our split from other Hominidae, we have differentiated ourselves by our development of social constructs and abstract thinking. It follows then, that when faced with an existential crisis such as our handling of solar radiation, carbonated atmosphere, and rising global temperatures, (among other examples) we choose to think of some design to help us. The implementation of a technological solution to a problem, or technofix, is exactly how our society has proliferated to the level that we currently are at.

In previous times, threats to society and communities were also faced with technological solutions. Take for example, many of the ancient Near East, whom many of the civilizations were based upon dictatorships controlling the flow of water. Babylon, Assyria, Akkadia—many of these cultures were noted for their usage of irrigation, but also being able to withhold water from constituents who may disagree with royal decrees.

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