I Hope that We’ll be Okay

We have learned a lot about techno-fixes and how they are a controversial solution to a lot of the problems that face our species at the moment. As climate change has become more of an understood issue, people are looking for an instant fix rather than an entire societal/cultural change. The solutions that are grabbing the interest of people are becoming popular, because they allow the fossil fuel industries to continue emitting carbon. Geoengineering can be a band-aid for these fossil fuel giants, like Exxon, to continue spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The general populace has caught some interest in these solutions, because it is a techno-fix. Geoengineering is a techno-fix because it is an invention that is used to fix a major problem instead of major societal change. For the longest time, the only solution that was popularly known was stopping our emissions entirely. 

Geoengineering is a somewhat viable solution to climate change. Techno-fixes in the past have shown to be worse than the problem. So, imagine what spewing sulfates into the atmosphere could do to our planet. But, there is an argument for the other side of the argument. The side effects of geoengineering are unknown, and there are two options: the side effects are either good or bad. Clive Hamilton talks about in his article how the best case scenario is if the world reduces its carbon emissions to zero. But, the backup plan is to rely on a combination of geoengineering and cultural change. That is the reason why I think geoengineering is a somewhat viable solution. I have a positive view on the future. I believe that with the wave of young environmentalists growing older, there will be a massive cultural change that will ultimately save the world.

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