Broken Record

Everyone keeps trying to pinpoint one issue for the reasoning of climate change. There isn’t just one reason. There is a plethora of factors that go into climate change. Let’s talk math for a second because in math it’s pretty black and white. So, we are dealing with different fractions: ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5 and 1/6. These are all different fractions, but they still can all have a common denominator correct? Okay, so climate change has different factors in it but the solutions we are providing are just a common denominator between one or two of the factors. So yes, geoengineering might be a great start but the effects are short term and the long-term effects will stay the same with the way climate change is headed.  Geoengineering is just a techno-fix for the time being. Politicians are scrambling to just come up with the next thing to create money. We are in the position we are in now with climate change because of money. Geoengineering could be a possible viable solution to a part of climate change but not the entire being of climate change. The politicians jump on board with any new great idea that is an ignorant way of continuing to pollute and hurt our environment.

Yes geoengineering is a techno-fix. It’s lazy. Technology is a great thing but man can it used be wrong and that is the issue. I think if people actually understood and used technology correctly it would be a different story. Everything is going to just be a techno-fix until we actually decided to find a real solution. Enough with this hourly hotel rate lets get to finding real solutions.

2 thoughts on “Broken Record

  1. I agree that climate change is complex and difficult to address. However, I have to wonder what a “real” solution looks like. Considering that people respond “on the margin” to their incentives, is it likely that more regulations would actually work. In other words, political action will be tough even if people are on board. It will be much harder if they oppose it. If we assume regulations work, what would be an acceptable cost? There are tradeoffs to geoengineering sure but there are tradeoffs involved in any action. Regulation carries some of the biggest and most unpredictable tradeoffs of all. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be regulation, I’m merely suggesting that the effects of unrestrained government intervention might be worse (certainly in the short term) than climate change itself. Please note that I haven’t taken a side in this post. I am just trying to get people thinking about the tradeoffs of actions they think are right.


  2. I really enjoy the use of math in the first paragraph! I mean, while it’s quantifying a science that’s already quantified, I think the fractions help a lot of people who don’t know the finer details of climate change get a better grasp on how everything is related. I also appreciate how you touched on the fact that geo-engineering can definitely be misused, because we need to make sure that if this is a solution we’re pursuing for permanence, that it doesn’t get corrupted by politics or the economy. This is a quality of life solution we need to make sure stays pure.


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