Messing with things we already have messed with

Those who argue that catastrophic weather changes are imminent are urging for investment and development in geoengineering. Clive Hamilton, a professor at Charles Stuart University, noted that reducing carbon emissions hasn’t been working, and he believes that its time to implement geoengineering in order to limit and slow the effects of climate change. Geoengineering in a techno-fix because the issue of climate change is causing both political and societal unrest and worry, which is being solved by new technological developments such as geoengineering. Since technology is working to solve the problem, it would be categorized as a techno-fix. However, geoengineering is not a long-term solution to climate change, because it happens naturally without human intervention. The issue is the rapid rate in which humans are speeding up the process, and geoengineering is an attempt to slow it back down. The point of this fix is to buy time for humans to develop a more sustainable solution to the problem. The major problem is developing a long-term plan, which will only happen if all the nations of the world work together and take climate change seriously. Not only will this make the issue more urgent, but it will educate mass populations around the world in order to make them more suited to fight climate change as a whole. I think that geo-engineering is a viable source of combating climate change, however I believe that the concept is unnatural and that we should proceed with an abundance of cation when we mess with things that are suppose to be out of our control.  

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