Geoengineering: A Solution or Future Problem

The sudden interest in geoengineering originated from fears that “Plan A” (reducing carbon emissions) is no longer a viable option so they began to look for other options. Geoengineering is deliberate large-scale intervention in the environment; it is generally divided into two categories. One, removing carbon dioxide from the environment and storing it somewhere else, and two, managing the solar radiation are planet receives from the sun. Geoengineering is a perfect example of a technofix it takes a social problem, climate change, and proposes a technological solution. I believe that Geoengineering is a horrible idea, already humans have damaged our planet immensely from interfering with its environmental patterns and more intervention is not the way forward. For one, politicians would likely use this as a cover up to not pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However this is not certain “there is empirical evidence suggesting that public awareness of geoengineering increases interest in cutting emissions.” (Keith,1). But the public is not the opposition to climate change it is big corporations with billions of dollars at stake and they would probably view geoengineering as an alternative to cutting emissions. Additionally, we have no idea what the long-term impacts of interfering with our planets ecological systems may be. I like the idea of it being used to “buy time” for countries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but don’t see it working out like that in the long run. 

One thought on “Geoengineering: A Solution or Future Problem

  1. I agree with your thoughts about it being an excuse for inaction. I don’t think it’s a good idea but I don’t think that the philosophical arguments against it are reasons to not study the potential benefits at all. I do think that we as a society need to put more effort into changing our own actions and habits in order to encourage change on the higher level political and economic stage. I also think that geoengineering is a perfect example of a techofix that we don’t know the full implications of.


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