There will be consequences

In recent years  climate change has become more pronounced as the warming has led to higher temperature and shifting weather patterns. Geoengineering has come to the forefront because the effort to curb climate change though emission restriction has failed. This led to scientists looking for a plan b for global warming.  This  ended in the solutions of solar radiation management and carbon capture and storage.  These  solutions are techno-fixes for climate change. This is because they are new technologies designed to fix the problem of climate change, but these solutions will probably fail because they do not treat the source of the problems which are emissions of greenhouse gases.  This led to the fact that geoengineering will most likely not be a solution for climate change. This is for a few reasons. First without a corresponding drop in emissions while implementing the geoengineering solutions they will just mask the extent of the damage that is being done to the globe. Another reason is that the geoengineering solutions could do much more harm than good. Geoengineering solutions  would most likely mess with the climates around the globe while being implemented which could bring droughts and famines. This is because the global climate is a complex system and even a slight change could end up with disastrous consequences.

2 thoughts on “There will be consequences

  1. I agree that the use of geoengineering should be approached with caution. You state that geoengineering could most likely be a mess, and I agree. We shouldn’t be messing with things that we shouldn’t be messing with. We need to either cut our emissions or find a more long term solution to the problem because when we mess with forces that are natural it might backfire.


  2. I concur with the idea that we should be careful about the implementation of geoengineering and that it could possibly end badly. I also agree with your statement about geoengineering failing because we aren’t attacking the issue at the source, as well as what you said about geoengineering potentially doing more harm than good. Those factors perfectly capture your idea that geoengineering is a blanket solution to the larger climate change problem. Then I especially enjoy your concluding thoughts and predictions about the issue, talking about the complex nature of the climate and the potential ramifications of messing with it. All of the issues and ideas you discussed were well connected, providing an interesting and well written post!


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