The Debate to Debate

Geoengineering is a techno-fix. It is using technology to solve the problems that issues within social institutions cause. As stated throughout this week’s material geoengineering is not a long-term solution to the growing problem of climate change. It simply is “buying us time” until we take the means necessary and debate, research, and execute a plan to reduce carbon emissions, remove existing carbon from the atmosphere, and practice a safe form of geoengineering. Without all three we will not be able to provide our planet with the conditions necessary for survival and will begin to see even more dramatic changes within our climate’s functions. Just as we need more than one approach towards the research and termination of further climate change, it is necessary to have a well diverse assembly present when debating these issues as well as a strong diversity in its researchers. I do believe that geoengineering is something worth considering, but it is also equally important to consider how these different scenarios may result in not only failure, but karma. It is difficult to wait as nations are wasting such little and precious time trying to decide if they should even consider debating and researching geoengineering. Nothing will suffice until all nations are able to come together and debate. As soon as these topics and possibilities are more prominent in research as well as media, the population will be able to become more educated. David Keith states, “But even this is not certain; there is empirical evidence that public awareness of geoengineering increases interest in cutting emissions”.  While we know that geoengineering will be essentially a cover up for our mistakes it is important to stay open to the ideas on how to be proactive and act fast. The sudden interest is relevant as research in climate change has become much more prominent in the news, but large corporations and those with the majority of the planet’s wealth are either going to contribute to the research in helping solve problems that their actions have caused such as Bill Gates, or they are going to use geoengineering with intention of it being that feared cover-up of these emissions that must be reduced and removed.

2 thoughts on “The Debate to Debate

  1. I agree with you that there are a lot of necessary factors needed to help our planet and work towards a solution for global warming. Geoengineering is very tricky. Too many people see geoengineering as a complete solution and fail to realize that it is only part of a solution. There are certainly benefits to geoengineering, but it is also helping in causing a problem – solutions involving natural actions and changes to human lives are often thrown aside, replaced by geoengineering. I also agree with you completely that all nations must come together to find a solution. This is not something that affects a couple of countries, but all of humanity.


  2. I like how you touched on how geoengineering needs to be debated and discusses within organizations like the UN. It is easy to think that with the existence of a potential solution that there is no longer a need to worry about the problem but many times these solutions go without funding or attention or they arent as effective as many people believed they would be in the first place.


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