The Dangers of Geo-engineering

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering because it offers an easy solution to climate change due to carbon emissions. That is, the general public does not have to sacrifice anything or go through a lifestyle change to achieve the success of carbon storage. I indeed think it is a techno-fix because it was only created to combat the damage of carbon emissions, therefore using technology to fix a problem. Some technological fixes are helpful and useful inventions, however, geoengineering does not fit in with this idea. As Hamilton said in his article, “Using technofixes to tinker with global climate systems is an excuse to avoid unpopular but necessary measures to reduce carbon emissions”. Climate change is not an inconvenience that we need to navigate, it is a serious problem that should be addressed by politicians, big corporations, and everyday citizens, not just scientists. David Keith advocates this by saying, “It is sensible to focus on cutting emissions, and reasonable to worry that discussing solar geoengineering could distract from that fight”. The change will come in eliminating emissions, not just a “fix”.  Although geoengineering seems (to the public) to be a viable solution to climate change, I do not think it is sustainable or the correct way to solve the problem. The issue of climate change needs to be addressed by lifestyle changes rather than techno-fixes. And that starts with education and a deeper understanding of climate science by everyone. I think David Keith said it best: “Humans rarely make good decisions by choosing ignorance over knowledge, or by preferring closed-door politics to open debate. Rather than keeping future generations in the dark on solar geoengineering, we should shed as much light on it as we can”.

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