Oh Politics

I think the sudden interest in geoengineering is due to the repeated climate disaster occurrences, and also due to a rise in awareness of climate change in society. Socially, I think younger generations are more on board with agreeing that climate change is real and important enough to make noise of concerns about their future well being and livelihood.

The concerns of a techno-fix impacting political attitudes is the centered concern in geoengineering. I think some could argue that it is a techo-fix and others could argue the complete opposite. The understanding I got from Hamilton’s article is that it is more the change in politics that is the most impactful towards which way we sway in opinion then the techno-fix itself. Even if we were to commence geoengineering, it wouldn’t be a fix unless it was politically accepted. Also, there is so much unknown in the research aspect of geoengineering that it leaves so much room for uncertainty, the political side will not rest their opinions. 

Personally I think that geoengineering with the proper research, could be a very viable solution to climate change. A quote I like was, “Humans rarely make good decisions by choosing ignorance over knowledge, or by preferring closed-door politics to open debate. Rather than keeping future generations in the dark on solar geoengineering, we should shed as much light on it as we can” (Keith, 2019).

One thought on “Oh Politics

  1. I can definitely see how the younger generation cares more about the environment compared to the older ones. This is why it is so peculiar that rich old men are the ones investing in geoengineering to protect their own interests. I also agree that research into geoengineering will be valuable whether we actively use those techniques or not. Either way, hopefully research in this area will give us a better idea on how to move forward on this planet and things we should be aware of. It is a bit of a shame that this has become such a large political issue, and not an objective: “what do we do that is the best for our planet?”


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