Laser Cannons and Death Rays

For this week we will be going over Geo-engineering, some of its history, some of its applications and some of the attention it has garnered. The question for this week is why have people begun to be interested in Geo-engineering in recent years compared to the past where it would be a non topic for the vast majority of people.

One of the major reasons for the bringing up of Geo-engineering as a viable option to combat climate change is largely due to the effects of climate change activism which has steadily been on the rise in our political sphere and has been influencing certain policy makers to vote for more sustainable energy sources and ways to slow or stop climate change. In an article by David Keith you can see him go into great depth about some of the potential Geo-engineering initiatives which can be considered to be hot buttons and controversial topics in the field of climate control and management. (Keith, P. 1) One specifically was the idea to redirect some of the sunlight from the sun away from the earth to cause some simple cooling, while some would argue that it would cause another ice age from lack of sun on earth or it could be used like a death beam by focusing light onto targets on earth. Geo-engineering is a techno fix because it is using technological advances to bypass the need for government regulations as the government is slow and highly wary of doing broad sweeping changes which could be dangerous.

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