Engineering Our Earth

The sudden interest in geoengineering comes from the culmination of technology and awareness of our effects on the planet. For many large donors, this interest comes from a place of wanting to proceed with harmful effects with no repercussions. This may also partially come from a place of guilt of being part of the problem in the first place. Unfortunately, this would probably be used as a technofix rather than working in unity with an effort to reduce our carbon emissions. Specifically, this would likely be a technofix because it is a quicker fix than forcing every company globally to comply with new regulations. Many argue that while geoengineering itself may not be directly harmful, it is a power that can likely be misused by the world’s powers. It has been seen in the past that big oil companies are more likely to do what is best for their profits rather than for the environment, so this is no different. 

I think that this is not viable as a single solution to climate change, but that is not to say that it has no value. The research that is going into geoengineering is still relevant, and hopefully it will help guide us on how to treat our planet going forward. If it were possible to use these techniques in junction with actually putting in an effort to reduce emissions in the first place. Ideally, this would help reduce the damage that has already be done while encouraging cleaner practices in the future.

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