Human Hubris Strikes Again

Geoengineering is defined as a deliberate, large-scale intervention in the climate system to offset or counter the effects of global warming. The two primary concerns being creating solutions for CO2 and solar radiation management. Experts warn geoengineering should just be a means to buy us some time rather than a “license to continue polluting” as miss sexy news anchor lady put it. 

I find it to be a techno fix insofar as I fear it will allow us to continue living our luxurious lives in our warm houses eating prepackaged plastic laden meals and driving our cars to work while these geoengineering projects magically fix everything. The social problem is we don’t want to give up our conveniences and the fixes are things like injecting liquified CO2 underground or sulfate aerosol spraying.  But like most techno fixes, we tend to underestimate the snowball effect we might well start rolling when it comes to the implementation of these technologies. Tinkering with the global climate could go catastrophically wrong, and its almost hubris to think we could do so without extincting (made up word) ourselves. Oh, and one more hilarious point: geoengineering is supported by the right wing, pro-fossil think tank agencies like the ones we saw in Merchants of Deception

Why the sudden interest in geoengineering? For one, capitalism – people want to make money. For two, we really need to figure this climate shit out yesterday. And realistically, cutting carbon emissions to 0 overnight is unfeasible. Therefore, it’s definitely worth researching whether or not a combination of regulation and geoengineering could be a means of solving this complex and extremely pertinent problem.

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