Cutting Emissions = Cutting Profits

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering for one simple reason; it is another way around the issue of facing fossil fuels as the ultimate cause of global climate change. As technology has evolved over time, we have discovered more and more ways to get around doing things the right way. An example of this is the food industry, something I am learning about in one of my other history classes. Before the creation of the FDA, food products were actually pumped full of extremely toxic materials to either keep them from going bad or to “revive” them after they had gone bad; for example, there was such a thing as “renovated” butter, remelted and skimmed to make a “new batch”, as well as the use of formaldehyde as a preservative in milk. This is a great comparison to the modern day industries surrounding the ever increasing topic of climate change. 

I personally do not think that all geo-engineering is all wrong; in fact, it could actually help to start more conversations about the fact that climate change is real and that we need to collectively address it. After watching the video and reading the articles, I also think that if we are to go forward with various forms of geo-engineering they must be well experimented with. Due to the fact that many companies associated with fossils fuels will most likely advocate for this approach rather than political approaches that would cut their emissions (and thus profits), this should be an opportunity for engineers and scientists who care about the climate to be proactive instead of reactive. Geo-engineering is a techno-fix; this cannot be denied, due to the fact that this would mean we are simply stepping around the issue again. While it would definitely be beneficial in some circumstances and worth a shot to try under the fact that everyone seems willing to compromise on these engineering techno-fixes, they cannot be an end all solution to this problem. Hopefully when the day comes that we actually consider implementing these on a big scale, the conversation will have shifted away from short term techno fixes and closer to ultimate solutions.

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