My designer planet is better than yours

Geoengineering has become a very controversial topic in recent discourse as it is seen as a viable solution to one side and a potential disaster with extinction-level consequences to the other. The topic of geoengineering has become popular lately as the consequences of global warming become direr. Geoengineering allows humans to manually control the climate of the planet through carbon capture, solar deflection, and other large scale operations that aim to adjust the levels of solar radiation that reach the surface of the planet. I believe geoengineering is a total techno-fix with unrealistic goals and disastrous consequences. By artificially adjusting the climate of the planet we throw every aspect of nature out of balance, it would be impossible to account for every potential effect that this would have. Like in the video we watched some geoengineering methods could affect rain cycles and lead to the starvation of billions while others could deplete the ozone layer to the point where any prolonged period outside could be fatal. Like most techno-fixes geoengineering looks promising to those who benefit from the current status quo which is one that got us in this mess in the first place. Many see geoengineering as an easy and permanent fix to climate change, unfortunately, it’s only viable application would be as a temporary bandaid that slows the rate of change while systemic solutions are put in place. This is why those who support geoengineering as a permanent solution mainly represent carbon-emitting industries. I personally believe that there is not enough time and research in order to see geoengineering as a viable solution without missing crucial details that could have disastrous ramifications.

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