Money, Power, its all the same.

Corporations that are responsible for many of the carbon emissions on this planet such as Exxon Mobil, fund organizations and various think tanks such as the Cato Institute, to demote and oppose climate science. They do this to primarily stay in business and from what we saw in the documentary Merchants of Doubt, people in power or have wealth will do anything in their power to maintain that power/ wealth. A great example of this is the Tobacco companies implanting characters like Peter Serbert into fire marshals, influencing them to target non flame retardant furniture for the cause of housefires. Another example is Marc Morano and his affiliations with Exxon Mobil, Cato Institute, and many others, utilizing him to discredit scientists like James Hanson. Ultimately this is a large money game for these large corporations, and a lot of the public support their claims because either they’re misinformed or they have an affiliation with these corporations, whether it be for their career or their compliance to be against climate science.

Now Geoengineering has become this new tactic that these large corporations use to not only combat climate science, but to gain more control of the subject all together. From the video they talk about how Geoengineering is a escape goat, and not only provides us more time to get the political act together but to also give the control of these emissions solely to these companies. Professor Clive Hamilton continues to say that these technofixes would actually cause more harm as not only does it give these companies more of a reason to put climate science to the side; but fixes like the sulfate aerosol-spray, used to reduce solar radiation contacting the earth, will actually create more holes in the ozone layer, allowing even more harmful radiation to reach the earth. But this could interfere with many weather patterns like the Indian monsoon.

Geoengineering isn’t a viable solution to climate change, and its a procrastination tactic meant to provide more time for large corporations to make more profits.

What do you think?

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