Geoengineering technology is not the solution, it is part of the greater problem

The sudden interest in geoengineering spawns from humanity’s desire to look to technology for all of the answers. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has been enthralled with technology and the continual advancements of it. What this means today, with climate change, is that we seek a technological fix to our planet’s natural problems. Therefore, yes, geoengineering is a techno-fix. This is because we are under the impression that we can create the technology needed to solve our biggest problems. One example of geoengineering is “…shielding Earth with an atmospheric layer of sulfate particles to reflect some of the sun’s heat” (Hamilton, p. 1). However, techno-fixes are a dangerous path to travel when climate change is a natural problem, not a technological one. Using technology to combat global warming on our planet is a very man-made solution to a man-made problem that requires natural, not man-made, solutions.

No, geoengineering is not, by any means, a viable solution to climate change. Humanity needs to take real steps to help Earth and repair the damage we have done to mother nature. We cannot continue to absent-mindedly believe that technology will solve all the worlds’ problems because that belief will result in humanity’s ultimate downfall. Humanity must re-tune itself with nature and work towards real, not geoengineering or techno-fix, solutions to global warming. Too often humankind likes to take the easy way out, but that route is dangerous and deadly. We must combine our resources to save our planet and undo the harm we have caused in a healthy, natural way. It is time for humanity to be less dependent on technology and become one with our planet again.

2 thoughts on “Geoengineering technology is not the solution, it is part of the greater problem

  1. Your last sentence is very interesting, yet very true. Humans have been able to survive fairly comfortably without the aid of modern technology. Although it has proven useful in making our lives easier and more timely available. We have made going about this technology detrimental to our planet. I believe we shouldn’t stray from making advancements in technology, as it has been the human race’s most interest to pursue immortality. The problem with this pursuit is that our planet wont be able to handle the resulting over population. I believe we should invest in technology best suited to ad our planet and others we may seek in the far future.


  2. I love your perspective on the geo-engineering issue, I think it is completely valid and feasible. Technology and its fixes are a large part of why we are in the mess we are in currently. Without things like disposable packaging and other harmful but convenient products (techno-fixes), the carbon emissions would not be out of control in the first place. I also think the solution to climate change is much bigger than anything technology could give us. It lies in changing our behavior and how we treat the Earth. Rather than trying to fix the issue with the easiest way by using geo-engineering, I think we need to reevaluate everything that has brought us here in the first place. This includes everything from the political, business, economic, social, and scientific spectrums.


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