Human Flaws and The Faith of Our Planet

That statement is completely false. Eunice Newton Foote knew about the effects of carbon dioxide in the 1850s. John Thydall knew about the greenhouse effect in the 1860s. Exxon knew about the damage they were doing to the planet half a century ago. Garvey knew about the effect air pollution would have. This issue is older than our grandparents. The problem is us. People didn’t even take a second look at Foote’s findings because she was a woman and because of her not being in the then academic center of the world, which was Europe. In the 1970s, Exxon performed experiments on the ocean that showed that burning fossil fuels was causing global warming. Exxon knew what they were doing, but refused to do the moral thing to begin looking for alternatives but instead created doubt and confusion to turn the public. Even today, one of my political scientists professors continuously says in class that the reason no one does anything about climate change is because we don’t know enough about it. I don’t think it’s hard to understand the CO2 equals more warming. Nothing has been done politically because industries like coal and gas try to influence our government with lobbyists and funding candidates. It’s only recently that something has been done about this, and that’s because the public is becoming more and more informed, thanks to a lot of factors including the rise of the Internet. Now that most people can agree on climate change and we can see the effects in today’s world, it’s taken the forefront in the national discussion.

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