Climate change is old news

Climate science if often thought to be a new kind of science that just started developing, and that it still needs to gather more evidence in order to become trustworthy and reliable. In reality, climate change does not need to become anything more than what it already is. The reason why it is perceived as being a young, barely supported science, is because a lot of the prominent research was hidden and forgotten, either willingly or not. According to Swartz, Reidy, and Garvey, discoveries about climate change were made very early on. Swartz’s and Reidy’s articles discuss discoveries about greenhouse gases in the mid nineteenth century, both making pretty accurate descriptions of what would happen to the earth and its atmosphere over the next decades and even centuries. Considering how long ago these discoveries were made, it would be unreasonable to say that climate science is still in its infancy and too young to be reliable. According to Hall, Exxon knew about climate change and its causes as early as 1977, which shows the true intentions of private industries using product that are bad for the environment. They knew they were contributing to global warming and put money and time to research it themselves, but did everything they could to hide as much as possible from the public to keep making profit. These industries have important roles in the economy, which in turn easily becomes tied with politics. Although scientists knew about climate change very early on, not much has been done politically in order to protect businesses that are keeping the economy running.

2 thoughts on “Climate change is old news

  1. I like the points you brought up in your post. One thing to add about ExxonMobil (formerly Exxon) is that despite being outed for contributing to greenhouse gases as well as stating they didn’t care, Exxon pretends to care about the environment and uses their own researchers to support their fraudulent claims about global warming. Their research even convince the US, China, and India (all of which contribute the most to greenhouse gases) to not sign the Kyoto Protocol, which was a plan for countries to begin cutting down on carbon emissions. This is further evidence of Exxon and other companies to sway politics in order to gain profit.


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