Climate Change is HERE

Okay, reading these articles boiled my blood. I find the whole climate change topic very frustrating to have but now even more so knowing that this has been KNOWN for this long. Money isn’t going to save the world. The Earth isn’t just going to “cool down” as our lovely President would say. Eunice Foote, was an amateur scientist but obviously not that amateur to figure out something we still have to argue with our own government. She released a paper in 1856 about this experiment and revealing the results, “A cylinder with moist air became warmer than one with dry air. A cylinder filled with carbon dioxide warned even more, and once removed from the light, “it was many time as long in cooling.”” Climate change is not in its god damn infancy, we are on the clock.

If scientists have known about the climate-related dangers for a long time, why hasn’t something been done about it politically? Well, this is a question I ask myself every day. Why hasn’t anything been done about it? Well, EXXON the largest oil company in the world knew well before they became what they are now about the effects it would have on our environment. Why would they not care? Well, my only answer I could ever think of is…MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. Some people care more about the world they live in and some care more about the dollar in their pocket. I also think it is a lack of knowledge. Why aren’t these articles more known? Why aren’t they teaching this in schools? Let’s wake up and realize what is happening in OUR world because if we don’t well.. we are fucked.

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