Haydn Baughan

HSTR Wright

September 27, 2020

The Politics of Climate Change

As long as I have been in school I have been told by some that climate change is destroying the world and we need to do something to stop it or future generations will never be able to enjoy this planet as it was. Then others have told me that is just a bunch of made up nonsense and that the earth is always heating and warming on its own. In my opinion the climate is changing maybe not as rapidly as some extremists say but it is definitely changing and not for the better. Big companies burning fossil fuels and the human race’s ever expanding industrialization process is putting chemicals out into the air that are hurting our environment for their own personal gain. 

The reason I don’t think this is addressed very seriously is because politicians are backed and funded by these big companies who are polluting the earth. They don’t want to lose their campaign checks or fundraisers by these powerful people so they do not address it very seriously. Even the politicians who think we do need to address climate change cannot in fear of not being elected again or at all and then not being able to make any changes in this world for the better. So climate change has almost become this unchecked problem and if it continues to be swept under the rug by our politicians our children and their children will never be able to understand what the world was like before toxic air, melted polar ice caps, and a lot of animals that will disappear when climate change finally destroys their habitat.

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