Greed over Facts

While climate science is young in scale to the existence of man, our impact on the climate has escalated so rapidly in the past century and a half that it makes sense for climate science to really take off during this time as well. In question of its reliability we now have the resources to measure and analyze data accurately and the data of things like co2 emissions, rising global temperatures, and overpopulation doesn’t lie. It is evident that the acknowledgement of this possible changing occurred far before it was drawn to the public’s attention. In the 1850s Eunice Foote stated, “An atmosphere of that gas would give to our earth a high temperature”. 10 years later Dondon makes similar claims proving that these private scientists were able to draw conclusions before the 20th century. The question of why these conclusions didn’t cause major commotion politically and corporately until very recently rises when we can see this timeline. The heart behind a majority of this secrecy and faked ignorance is greed and entitlement. Many large companies have known the consequence of their methods of production and continue to function as if they had no impact on the earth and its atmosphere. It proves how important it is for the general public and society to stay educated and aware on these topics. Exxon would hire scientists and after realizing the effects they would act as if their research justified them to not care about the actual data drawn from it. Fake news was and still is very relevant to how society’s conduct themselves, and if they had been honest it is hard not to wonder if other companies would have shared their data and worked to find a solution or better option instead of working to cover it up. If we continue to allow greedy politicians and CEOs to conduct business in a world where governments don’t protect their own planets for money the earth will no longer be able to function as it is supposed to.

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