Climate Change: The Hoax

I believe that climate science is still in its infancy and to unreliable to be accurate. In the Swartz article Foote filled a mason jar with CO2, I believe the concentration is too high to be applicable to an earth model. The reidy article didn’t talk about climate change for me to make a decision, the makeup of the air may affect the temperature. The effect is visible radiation vs infrared radiation.

Scientists may have known about climate change, but there is more money to be made for some people by uses fossil fuels still. They help feed our economy and that’s why politicians haven’t made very much legislation to curb emissions.

2 thoughts on “Climate Change: The Hoax

  1. I apologize if this seems blunt but I do not believe that you effectively understand the context of the articles, both the Swartz and Reidy articles showed that there was conclusive evidence towards the connection between the presence of CO2 and the heating of the atmosphere back in 1850. While the Hall article clearly showed that even Exxon knew that greenhouse gas emitting energies were heating the planet, at this point, it is certainly clear that climate change is not a “hoax.”


  2. I do believe that climate change is real and human-caused. However, I see where you’re coming from in this post. Most of the information I see on the news is misleading or flat wrong (Often disputed by the very studies the pundits are citing). Much of it appears to be political posturing or hysterical virtue signaling. I say this because much of the language that is used in “arguments” about climate change is either faith-based or a political slur. eg. “Believe Science,” “Climate Denier,”(and all the implicit comparisons to holocaust denial) “The science is settled” etc. What changed my mind was a deep look into the methods and results of the IPCC studies and meta-analyses of worldwide studies. That said I still disregard almost anything I hear from a politician or a news outlet.


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