Climate Change: A Not So New Science

Although climate science and the rapid changing of the environment have only recently come into the public eye, the study and understanding of it have been around for quite some time. “The idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet is anything but new, and anything but unsettled” (Swartz). As Swartz states in his article, Eunice Foote had been studying greenhouse gases and the detrimental effects of them since 1856. In Reidy’s article, he mentions how John Tyndall’s work from the late 1800’s was also long forgotten. Therefore, claims of unreliability and lack of longevity are invalid (unless biasedly based on gender and amateurism of some scientists). Scientists came to know of the lasting global warming effects of fossil fuels due to CO2 emissions in 1965. However, due to the political climate of the world, nothing has significantly been done about it since recently. 

The lack of policy created by the government to combat climate change in an earlier manner has many reasons. First off, being environmentally friendly is not always the cheapest option, this applies to both consumers and producers. Politicians, especially in the United States, tend to defend and protect businesses through legislation that allows pollutants that ultimately harm the environment. Hall mentions how Exxon promoted misinformation to the public to protect their unethical business practices. Business and politics (the two most powerful industries in the world) have almost always aligned and tried to aid each other in American history and culture, which is why climate change has been hidden from the public for so long. Only now are politicians trying to intact legislation to protect the environment because the harmful effects are now visible to the public. Hopefully, it is not too late for the Earth and humankind. 

2 thoughts on “Climate Change: A Not So New Science

  1. I completely agree with ur reasoning on why climate change hasn’t been taken more seriously politically. It absolutely has a lot to do with the fact that using climate-friendly processes to create goods and services for the public and that it also makes it more expensive for the general public who is paying for these goods and services. And until we can get over paying more and become more socially conscious we will never fix this problem.


  2. I would definitely agree on the part where you talk about the cost of being climate friendly, climate safe technology is often more expensive than non environmentally safe ones. I also liked the part in which you talk about the cooperation between major businesses where they often do unethical things and help hide them so that they can gain some more benefits for themselves. This is something which I find those in power tend to do almost always and it’s important that they get called out and found out which Exxon did which I definitely agree with so that they don’t get out of hand.


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