Benefits before Dangers

In this week’s readings we looked at 4 papers and texts on past scientists and companies involved in climate change and its effects on the environment. The question this week being asked is if private and government scientists knew about climate related dangers and why has nothing been done politically. For this question you can look to an article by Shannon Hall in which she talks about how as early as 40 years ago but denied the effects it was having on the global climate until just very recently which some have likened to how the tobacco industry claimed smoking to be healthy and good for you even. (Shannon, 2015) For most companies they generally move where the profits are, and if you think about it what would the result of an oil company speaking out and saying that they are doing lots of damage to the environment? If t=you thought about the previous question you should have come to the conclusion that they would lose a whole lot of money and you can see some of their efforts here: The-Climate-Deception-Dossiers

For other reasons why even knowing about the climate dangers going on and the obvious dangers that would come along with them you can look to lack of speaking ability. For the most part scientists do not have the ability to directly influence or introduce legislation and can only lobby political figures who may or may not be supported by donations from companies who are at the heart of the issues being discussed which could cause conflicts of interest to pop up.

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