Believe your Local Scientist

In the 1850s, Eunice Foote, discovered that greenhouse gases formed the foundation of modern climate science (Schwartz, 1). John Tyndall discovered in 1861 that any changes to the constitution of the atmosphere would “produce great effects on the terrestrial rays and produce corresponding changes of climate” (Reidy, 2). Since then, countless amounts of evidence have been presented to back up and enforce these findings. It is overtly clear that humans have sped up the process of climate change from the high emission of greenhouse gases. So why are there still so many deniers who believe that climate change is a hoax?  One of the reasons is the lack of intensity around the issue because it is almost incomprehensible and there is a lack of immediate repercussions, which causes the urgency for many people to go down. Unless it immediately affected them, the issue gets put on the backburner. I think that there is a partisan divide because some people fear it and are in denial. Another explanation could be not knowing who is specifically accountable for it. Especially in today’s political climate, there is a lack of trust and a belief that many news sources may be fake. Something that is this complex means that people have to trust the scientists, and when deniers have a sliver of hope from someone that climate change might be fake, they jump on that bandwagon even though 99% of scientists believe otherwise. People who believe that climate change is fake came up with their conclusion first, and then looked for evidence to back up their conclusion. Unfortunately, that is not how science works.

One thought on “Believe your Local Scientist

  1. I really enjoyed the analysis of the lack of trust in the media, and how you explain that the same people who share this view also happen to be the ones who just completely ignore science. Also, that last part about “that’s not how science works” was absolutely savage, and I really appreciate that level of sarcasm being pointed at climate deniers.


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