Doubled Instead of Dealt With

If there are people that say that climate science is still in its infancy, there are two possible reasons for this. For the first, they might have just not been aware of the people and experiments that have been documented in the past. This includes the work of people like Eunice Foote and John Tyndall; Tyndall’s work regarding carbon dioxide has at least started to be recognized as the introduction to climate science in history, but Foote’s work was completely glanced over. The second reason that people might say that climate science is still in its infancy is simply because they have not done their research or refuse to; as can be understood from Swartz and Reidy’s articles, there has been research and experiments from more than one person done on this subject before the 20th century even started.

 In more recent history, the field of climate science began to produce research that definitively suggested burning fossil fuels triggered that warming of the atmosphere in the 70’s. This also includes private industries, such as Exxon, and instead of deciding to go public with their research that provided support for the Greenhouse Effect Theory, they decided that they would go forward promoting the opposite of what they discovered (Hall). The reason that information and correct data on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has taken so long to get recognized is similar to the situation with the tobacco industry in the late 19th and 20th centuries; the private industries that profited off of the things that produced negative effects, such as tobacco products or fossil fuel combustion, knew that the science would lose them money. Instead of promoting publication of the objective facts, they decided to promote the science and opinions that suggested otherwise. This is a major reason that nothing has been done; another is the influence that these major industries have in the government. For whatever the reason (actually, the reason is money…), companies such as Exxon have influenced multiple countries against taking active political measures against lessening the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere. Due to the lack of historical records, misinformation campaigns, and corporation influence, the actions taken against climate change have been delayed greatly; for these reasons and more, the globe has doubled its carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rather than address the science that proved this fact true (Hall). 

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