A little late to the party

The scientific Revolution brought upon a new imagined order due to its investment in natural resources and power. The article gives a good example of the empowerment of nature and natural resources to create machines that demand and invest cultural capital. Banks use money, which are made from natural resources, oil companies use oil which is another natural resource, and so forth. Technology has taken on a new found power from using energy to convert into money. Before, in Harari’s book, we looked at how power (empires, religion, and money) skewed away from technology as it was a threat to these major social powers. 

Monsanto’s adaptive company is an example of companies reliant on these natural resources slowly being chased out of the company due to these natural resources having high demand. Evolving themselves into biotechnology allowed them to create a new field far from their competitors, as well as providing what is being culturally asked for in ever evolving times.

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