GMO Influence On World Hunger

For this week’s reading we read a paper By Bartow Elmore and the final chapter of Harari’s Sapiens which was on the scientific revolution. For this week I’m going to describe how GMOS may or may not solve world hunger. As seen in Harari’s book you can see how over time scientific advancement has changed the fundamental scale of how we process information and goods. (Harari C. 4 p.1)  On this page you can see harari describing what could happen if a modern cruizer was sent back in time to the time of Columbus you could have destroyed the whole world’s navies without a scratch. This is sort of analogous to how GMO foods are right now. GMO is a both developed and underdeveloped process where we have only just started the learning process on it which in the future will only make plants more productive and have faster growth. You can compare this to how wooden ships over time went from canoes to wooden boats to modern metal ships and like how we originally went from farming any plants to specific plants based on traits we like to transplanting genes for the best results. From this you can see how GMOS are underdeveloped to solve world hunger as they have not had enough time to advance like how it took hundreds of years to get to modern metal ships from canoes.

I would argue that right now we don’t have the ability to solve world hunger but in the future based on our continuing research and development we can solve world hunger.

One thought on “GMO Influence On World Hunger

  1. Interesting perspective to take with this and I really enjoy it! I agree with your point about GMOs not being able to cure world hunger due to the underdevelopment. Do you think if we would have continued with our ancestors way of food that this would have developed and cured world hunger?


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